The art & science of high ticket closing



Work smart, not hard – that's our mentality when it comes to building an online (or offline) business. There
are so many techniques out there to qualify, close a sale and create a lifelong relationship with high
paying clients, and this course will show you how it's done. Doesn't matter if you're a newbie – experience
is not required for this course!
Big Ticket Clients are those who are willing to pay you more for your time.
In other words, they are not just your average customers, they are willing to pay double, triple or even 50
times more than what you would earn from average customers at the same amount of time invested. It is
a great time saver. In other words, it protects your time.
Finding the right clients for your business is the biggest challenge for business owners and
entrepreneurs. For most of them, it's not the lack of effort, but lack of knowledge and proper training. If
this sounds familiar, this course is designed especially for you.
Get all the high paying clients you need with this step-by-step, six-module course.
• Establish instant authority and credibility.
• No trial and error with Facebook Ads – learn exactly how to target your audience, and turn every
campaign into success.
• Learn how to overcome sales objections and close as many sales as possible.
• No cold calling!

This system has been proven to attract and close sales, which means that if you implement what you
learn in this course you'll never have to stress about where your next client is coming from. And as we all
know, your clients build your business – without them, there is no business.


And I’m Willing To Accept This Life-Changing 7 Week Mentorship With You By Enrolling To Be A Certified
High-Ticket Closer™ Today!
Here's How you'll get there:
• I’ll leverage your 20+ years in business and millions of dollars in losses so I don’t have to suffer
massive losses and go through years of struggle and trial and error.
• I’ll get the methods you’ve used to close tens of millions of dollars over the phone. And I’ll be
able to use these philosophies and secrets to create more freedom, choice, and abundance in my life.
• I’ll get access to all of your templates, scripts, and checklists so I can start high-ticket closing
right away with certainty and confidence – even if I have no experience or skill.
• I’ll get all the community, support, guidance, help, and accountability to achieve my goals as
fast as possible. I am NOT alone
• I’ll get certified in high-ticket closing and keep the high-income skill of high-ticket closing for the
rest of my life. I will use these skills to positively impact people’s lives and create as many win-win
scenarios as possible.

• PRICE: 2.495 FOR 7 Weekly Classes – You’ll get 7 weekly classes with me, walking you through
my complete High-Ticket Closer™ curriculum, step by step. Because there is a set start and end date,
HTC is only open for enrollment a few times a year.
• Proprietary Access To A Global Role-Playing Platform 24/7/365 – You’ll be able to put what you
learn into practice immediately by role-playing and practicing with other like-minded people in the HTC
• Templates, Scripts & Checklists – For every class, you’ll get the templates, scripts, and
checklists to help you follow along so you can take action and implement.
• Recordings Of All Lessons – In case you have an emergency and you must miss a class, you
can watch the recordings over and over again on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
• An Official High-Ticket Closer™ Certificate Will Be Mailed To You With Your Name On It – At the
end of the 7 weeks you will be certified as a High-Ticket Closer™ by me, Dan Lok. Once you receive your
certificate in the mail you will have the skill of high-ticket closing with you for the rest of your life.


ATTENTION: Want to start your own high ticket business? "How To Create, Package And Sell Your Own
High Ticket Course And Attract High Paying Clients" In This Course, You'll Find Out How To Make a
Killing Selling $997, $1997, $4997, Even $20,000 High Ticket Products and Programs Are you tired of
making measly $7, $10 and $20 sales? You drive so much traffic only to make such a small amount. Your
competitors are fierce and everyone's under cutting one another. How would you like to make $997 to
$20,000 sales from each customer? Think about it… If you make just 5 sales of $4,997 a month, that's
$24,985! Let's be a bit more conservative — at $497 a pop with only 5 customers, that's $2,485. That's the
power of selling high ticket products! "If Selling High Ticket is So Good, Why Aren't More People Doing

it?" A lot of people still shy away from selling high ticket items. Why is this? It comes down to a lot of
things but one of the first issues is that they lack confidence. If you aren’t confident in your own ability to
provide great value and if you don’t believe that anything you can create will be worth $2,000, then you
might simply avoid trying to make anything for that value. People also tend to do this when selling
services. Rather than go after the top clients and offer $2,000 for a web design, they aim for the lower
end clients and charge $200. They make much more work for themselves and basically that’s because
they undervalue themselves and they undervalue their time. Another reason that people don’t sell high
ticket items is that they don’t know anything about it. They don’t realize that it’s an option and once they
do consider it, they don’t really know how to go about it. There is a ton of information out there on how to
set up your own ecommerce store, how to sell affiliate products and how to create ebooks to sell at $10 a
pop. But there’s much less information on selling high ticket items. So how can you get started with your
own high ticket business? I've written a guide on this exact subject so you can finally reap the benefits.
Allow me to introduce you to… HIGH TICKET SALES AUTHORITY How To Create, Package And Sell
Your Own High Ticket Course And Attract High Paying Clients What you'll discover in this eBook: How to
create a high ticket product that you’re really proud of and that you’re willing to sell for a lot of money How
to reach the right audience and build trust and authority with them Ideas for the types of high ticket items
you can create The pros and cons of different types of product How to build a sales funnel to create trust
and make that sale How to create a relationship with your buyers Examples of some of the best high
ticket products and how they sell How to create a coaching product How to choose a price Which tools to
use to build your high ticket business …and much, much more! You’ll learn everything that you could
possibly need to know about how to create a high ticket product and help it to sell like wildfire. Get Instant
Access Right Now!

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