Sales Consulting for SMBs



Would you like to grow your Business?
CRM will give you the foundation you need to grow. When you start tracking tasks and follow-ups in your
CRM, nothing is left behind. With more consistency, you will have a higher close rate, and consequently,
more revenue!
We have been helping small business owners with CRM systems since 2014.
During this period we learned that a lot of small business owners need to be empowered to learn more
about CRM systems and all the different ways it can help them to grow their business.
That’s why we created these online courses:
• How to choose your CRM
• How to configure your CRM
• How to use your CRM
We have used our experiences to provide a Do It Yourself (DIY) version of our services, combined with a
coaching session to help you address your questions and challenges as you go through each one of our

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