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Linkedin is a very well established and respected social network with over 259 million users in
more than 200 countries. It’s known as “Facebook in a Suit” or the most professional level of
Social networking for businesses.
Linkedin is a very valuable tool to find the key decision makers within certain companies. It’s
used for finding the best point of contact, gaining familiarity with their background before a call
or sales pitch, making such contact much more effective.
It’s a social network for professional people. Normally a person would create a Linkedin profile
that would include career details and would update their information periodically as to their
current appointment. It would often include a personal statement, personal web address and
possibly testimonials from employers and members of staff. If the person has particular interests
both professionally and personally they may subscribe to one or more interest groups to receive
updates and discussion opportunities.



Updated for 2016! Over 2500 students already enrolled!
Everyone likes to tell you how easy it is to make new connections on LinkedIn and write
thousands of pounds of new business at the push of a button, where they try to sell you the
latest get rich quick scheme.
But I think we both know the reality is very different…
Why People Don't Succeed With LinkedIn
The truth is that it's never been easier to grow your business using LinkedIn. With the
knowledge, tools and resources available it's a million times easier than when I started over 5
years ago.
However what most people still lack is a coherent and consistent strategy. They run off after the
latest and greatest internet marketing tactic and forget all about the fundamentals of business.
However when you combine a great strategy with the right tactics you get a dramatically
different result.
Your LinkedIn Objective
Just like any business your objective is to sell your products and services for a profit… simple
as that. However what most people lack is a consistent strategy to do that.
This 4 step strategy we're about to show you is a proven method of turning LinkedIn users in to
paying consumers, clients or investors.
Time To Get More Clients?
Online networking doesn't have to be so difficult when you learn how to focus on the right things
using the right strategies.
Your business will go far when you use my strategies and tactics outlined in this LinkedIn
That's because as soon as you work out a profitable way to acquire clients over and over again
then things get a million times easier.
Cashflow worries become a thing of the past and you finally have the consistent income and
new business figures you deserve.
But remember that “knowing it" doesn't make you money… you have to go out and do it NOW!
Want An Effective Formula To Get More Clients From LinkedIn?
Do you want to get more clients?
But in an easy way?
A way that you could repeat whenever you wanted?
Most ways that the “gurus" suggest to market your business involve a ton of time, money or
both that you simply can't spare.
There is a simpler way that all the professional networking experts in the world are using.
They're just not sharing it with you.
Getting Clients Isn't Difficult (When You Know How)
You're about to learn how to create highly profitable LinkedIn strategies that will give you a ton
of potential clients…
Any time you desire… just like turning on the tap.
Imagine what it would be like to open your inbox each morning to find multiple emails from
people eager to work with you.

With even more requests coming in through the workday whether you're sitting at your computer
or not.
How Do I Know This Is Possible?
I've been doing online marketing for over 10 years now…
And for the last 5 years I've been helping sales teams, consultants, coaches and marketing
departments and individuals just like you get more clients and sales online.
We do this by setting up Low Friction Client Attraction Machines within your business… proven
systems that attract new clients.
Systems that can bring in tens of thousands of pounds of new business (or more).
Here's A System That Works…
Linked Instruction is an easy to follow plan that will:
1. Show you the core activities that really matter with LinkedIn (and it isn't what you think) so
you can guarantee your LinkedIn time spent is profitable every single time
2. Ensure creating compelling profiles, writing descriptions and using keywords is a breeze by
knowing exactly what will attract your target market and drive them to take action
3. Give you a step-by-step system to turn your LinkedIn activity into paying clients (this is the
real secret to getting cold prospects begging to talk to you)
Here's What You Get…
A 4 step Implementation Plan that will teach you how to turn your LinkedIn activity from futile to
Actionable Training on each of the 4 steps so you know exactly what to do and how to do it.
Carefully Selected Resources that cover all the technical info so it's as easy as possible to win
your first piece of new business from LinkedIn
And everything is kept up to date to reflect any changes LinkedIn makes.
Don't Repeat My Mistakes…
Let's be honest… online networking can be tricky.
I've lost more time with on and offline networking than you can believe.
Basically because I tried to “turn up and hope for the best" without a guide or a framework to
When you first sign up to LinkedIn and connect with everyone you know, fill out your profile, and
spend hours trying to make it work like the “experts" say it should. Already your disapointed.
Take this opportunity to learn from my mistakes.
So you can get it right the first time and save yourself a ton of time and maybe even money.
What Will You Decide?
You can keep looking for methods to get more clients…
Or you can start filling your inbox with eager buyers.

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