How-to: well being


Health and wellbeing in the workplace isn’t just about feeling content and maintaining a good
work-life-balance, although these are certainly essential components.
Promoting health and wellbeing is also about improving confidence and job satisfaction,
developing positive relationships, avoiding physical harm, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
As a manager or supervisor, you have a duty of care towards your employees and should look
to promote their health, safety and welfare on a daily basis. Not only will this enhance
employees’ everyday lives, but it will also make workers more productive and motivated in their
job roles. This Health and Wellbeing course will teach you everything you need to know in order
to develop and implement an effective wellbeing strategy, no matter where you work.
Developed by business professionals
Accredited by CPD
Fully online course and assessment with no time limits
Full audio voiceover
Approximate Duration: 3-4 hours
On completion, certificate is posted the next working day


This course offers you the opportunity to explore what really matters in life and teaches you how
to nurture your well-being and enhance the well-being of others.

We will address themes in your personal and professional life and show you how to counsel at
all stages. We start with a positive approach by giving attention to people’s talents. We
recognize that human existence involves constraints and difficulties, which is why this course is
based on the idea of “existential” well-being.
This course will teach you how to live fully as a human being, in this body, on this planet, while
at the same time being conscious that you are just a small part of a vast, incomprehensible,
Our experiential approach focuses on the innate wisdom of the human organism and our
tendency to evolve in a forward-moving direction. You will learn how to become aware of this
deeply felt knowledge by giving attention to your body as felt from the inside and to your
Our person-centered approach encourages building optimal human relationships through
empathy, respect and authenticity. These are complex skills, which we will bring within your
reach by means of simple exercises.
Through examples, role-play and video-demonstrations we will illustrate how you can apply our
existential well-being approach in a variety of helping contexts, including counseling and
psychotherapy. You will develop skills to embody the existential well-being approach as a
person and as a professional.
Your learning will be enriched through exchanging thoughts and experiences with a diverse
group of international participants. You will learn to notice how people from different cultures
have different ideas about what it means to live well and meaningfully. You will engage in
discussions where divergent values can be respectfully acknowledged. Your personal view of
well-being will expand and deepen to a more universal perspective on what it means to be
This course is taught by instructors with decades of experience in existential psychotherapy,
focusing -oriented and emotion-focused therapy, person-centered counseling and positive
The instructors are also teachers and researchers in the fields of psychotherapy, positive
psychology, meaning and spirituality at KU Leuven, a prestigious European University.
This course offers you a high degree of flexibility. You can follow the content in sequence or
choose to complete sections in order of interest to you. Be aware that it would be realistic to
spend 6 to 8 hours on each section. The course will be available from October until the end of
June and you can follow your own rhythm in studying and practicing what is offered in each

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