Facebook Ads Academy I = Startups & Freelancer



Facebook marketing course for business–small , medium, and large–interested in building
brand awareness, improving reputation and credibility, generating sales leads, and growing a
loyal base of customers. Join us!
As a business owner, I know that you’re constantly focused on reaching more people, targeting
better customers, and helping all of these people understand the benefits of buying your
products and services–Facebook marketing can be your secret weapon. In this Facebook
marketing course I will quickly educate you on how to use Facebook to reach the right people,
turn them into customers, and then get them to actually market to all their Facebook friends. It
isn’t some fancy marketing scheme or magic; it’s just leveraging the inherent social and viral
nature of Facebook.
Facebook marketing can be confusing, even to the most seasoned Facebook user. There are
so many options and Facebook is constantly changing things. That’s why a Facebook marketing
course like this one, taught by a seasoned and practicing Facebook marketing professional, can
be so valuable.
We will bring together and continually update all of the Facebook best practices in this course. A
course that you have lifetime access to and we will continually support and expand. This course
will get your started with the most basic of Facebook marketing skills and then grow with your
business into more advanced and comprehensive Facebook strategy.
During this course I will help you to quickly and simply:
Setup a Facebook Fan Page for your business
Create and publishing interesting and compelling content
Attract the right kinds of Facebook Fans, people that want to buy and share
Develop these Facebook Likes into an army of loyal fans growing your business
Engage these customers over and over for sustained revenue growth

This course goes beyond academic theory and encourages you to work through real examples
and immediately apply them to your own Facebook marketing plan and business Fan Page.
Our Facebook marketing course can be completed in a couple of days, resulting in a fully
functional, highly effective Facebook marketing platform for your business.
Are you ready to grow your small business with Facebook marketing?
This course will give you access to a multitude of successful Facebook marketing ideas and
strategies. You will be building brand awareness, gaining loyal customers, and generating sales
leads and revenue in know time.

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